About Us

Who we are?

We are a Registered Asbestos Contractor RAC2017/OHH/CI-194,with a BBBEE Level 4.

In good standing with

  • SARS, Tax Clearance Certificate Number 0700/2017/A001289355

  • Department of Labour, Compensation Fund Certificate Number 2016084444

Our Company has been involved in the removal/stripping and demolition of Asbestos since inception and has completed several contracts ranging from minor to some major contracts for companies

I am also proud to say that our team of Asbestos workers are very well trained and equipped to perform any asbestos contract.

Our employees undergo annual training by the Authorized Inspection Authority (AIA) and they are properly briefed before each contract starts, to the exact nature of the work to be undertaken and are trained to identify the Asbestos in general and the asbestos we are about to work with.                   

Part of the training they receive is that they are made aware of the dangers relating to Asbestos work and the consequences of getting contaminated if any negligence on their part occurs. Jointly they are also trained to look after another and always be on the lookout for those individuals who are negligent and to report any incident of negligence to their foreman.

The qualifications of our personnel vary from level to level.  Our general foreman has come a long period (some 19 years) of his life in the building industry and since joining at inception stage of the company, has had many training sessions to work with Asbestos as presented by the AIA’s whom we normally use on our projects and are in the position to visually identify Asbestos in whatever from you can find them in the industry.

He has completed many projects successfully and all as per the new Asbestos Regulations.

Majority of the staff has been loyal to the company and been with us since inception and we are growing together ever since.

All our employees had several training sessions are being updated continuously by ourselves and the AIA and they received Certificates for such training sessions.

Disposal Methods

All asbestos waste material generated from where we work, are disposed of as per the new regulations. In the workplace the waste material is stored in a safe place and are removed at a suitable time to the Class-H waste site such as Vissershok Waste Management in an enclosed vehicles.

All material is double bagged and sealed in bags of at least  250 micron and taken, by prior arrangement, to Vissershok, which is a classified waste disposal site, where it gets dumped in a trench dug by the Waste Site Management prior to delivery, and is then covered with soil and other waste material.

Scope of work

The contracts we undertake includes removal of Asbestos from existing buildings being renovated or demolished, factories, sea faring vessels, steam boiler plants, hot water installations, etc. We also replace the existing Asbestos roofs with new steel roofing.

All of these Asbestos roof sheeting which we take off of existing buildings, where we work strictly according the safe work plan, drawn up and submitted to the Department of Labour by the AAIA and also gets taken to the approved waste site such as as Vissershok, where it is buried under ground level by arrangement with the waste management in control.

We are also involved in the re-insulation of plants as the re-insulation of existing equipment is a natural follow up after Asbestos is removed. The two entities run hand in hand with each other.

The immediate work area will be tented in completely and all openings are sealed to achieve a negative pressure inside the tented area before the actual stripping will start.

The appointed AIA will at all times give the go ahead to start the stripping process if he is satisfied that all conditions are met.

We do strive to be an example to others and part of our daily work is apart from protecting our self for health purposes, also to advise, train and help our customers to understand and appreciate the dangers of working recklessly with asbestos.

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